Hands-On APIs
For AI and Data Science

Coming From O'Reilly Publishing April 2025

To succeed in AI, first master APIs. API skills are essential for AI and data science success. With this practical book, data scientists and software developers will gain hands-on experience developing and using APIs with the Python programming language and popular frameworks like FastAPI and StreamLit.
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To Succeed in AI, First Master APIs

With this practical book, data scientists and software developers will gain hands-on experience developing APIs and using them in generative AI and data science projects.

Learn FastAPI development

Build REST APIs with Python and FastAPI.

Create a professional online portfolio project

By completing the code in the book, you will create a professional portfolio using GitHub that demonstrates your skills in API development and data science.

Learn to use APIs with ChatGPT

Create custom GPTs and custom Actions to explore your own APIs with natural language.

Publish Streamlit Dashboards

Create analytics dashboards using Python and Streamlit. Publish them to the web to demonstrate your skills.

Demonstrate cloud deployment

Deploy your Python APIs to multiple cloud computing hosts to make them available on the Internet.

Master Docker development

Package your Python applications in docker containers and deploy them to docker registries.

Who This Book Is For

This book bridges the worlds of data science and API design and development. Anyone who would like to understand how APIs are built and used in AI and data science will benefit from this book.

Data Scientists

Learn how to build APIs to share your data and publish machine learning models. Create analytics products using Streamlit.

Software Developers

Learn how to develop APIs using Python and FastAPI. Learn cloud deployment on multiple cloud computing platforms.

API Designers and Product Managers

Learn how to design APIs that work well for data scientists and generative AI.

Job Seekers and Role Changers

Create professional-quality porfolio projects to demonstrate your expertise in API developerment and data analytics.

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    About The Author

    Ryan Day is a data scientist in the financial services industry. He is an AWS certified solutions architect and member of the National Association of Business Economics. He previously led the digital services division for a Federal agency, where he helped developers learn cloud development and adopt API standards. Ryan enjoys learning new technologies by building real-world products and then teaching others.

    Ryan is an experienced open-source developer who participates in the FastAPI project. He has been playing fantasy football for longer than he has been working professionally and enjoys building data science products for his fantasy teams. He lives with his wife in the Kansas City metropolitan area.